Well sinking

Water from wells

Water from your own well – for everyone who wants to save on the cost of water.

A great deal of water is required for watering the garden and for cleaning, particularly in the summer months. Expensive drinking water is frequently used, although large quantities of ground water are often available in your own garden. A professional well will guarantee a cheap supply of water for years.

Installation of a filter tube dn300

Installation of a filter tube dn300

An application for the required approval to operate a well installation will be processed quickly by the authorities responsible. Depending on soil conditions, wells can be sunk within one day. A professionally installed well will provide you with a cheap, independent water supply for years. The well installation takes up hardly any additional space and is invisible and well-protected under the soil surface. The well cover, which can be walked on, can be easily integrated in existing gardens or the yard entrance. Water will be available at all times in almost unlimited quantities.

Speed controlled submersible pump

PVC filter pipe with an aperture size of 0.5mm

Wells with a bore diameter of 250 mm are sunk to the appropriate depth. Then PVC filter pipes and solid pipes with a diameter of 100 mm, for example, are fitted. The gap is filled with a filter-gravel infill tailored to the soil.

Pump control and distributor point comfortably stowed in the shaft.

A well shaft can be terminated with prefabricated concrete parts, Ø 1.00m and about 1.10m deep, or a PE shaft, Ø 0.45m and 0.70m deep, can be used.

Further impressions

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