Geothermal plant engineering

Power from the earth

Geothermal energy is the name of the thermal energy that is available under the surface of the solid ground. Irrespective of the season or hours of sunshine, the temperature in the ground is over +3°C to about +13°C all year round. This guarantees economical heating and hot water for the entire year.

How the water pump works

A heat pump (HP) functions the other way around to a refrigerator. Refrigerators transport heat from the interior to the outside, thus lowering the interior temperature.

How the thermal ground probes work

Thermal ground probes are installed in vertical bore holes. These probes generally consist of a pair of bundled U-shaped loops of plastic pipe. A liquid heat-transfer medium circulates through the probe circuit, and this absorbs the heat stored underground in the deeper probe area. The heat is extracted from the liquid in a heat exchanger. The temperature is increased through the heat pump and the heat obtained is used for heating purposes. In the factory and directly after installation, each probe is inspected for leaks using a pressure test. The thermal ground probes must be reliable when introduced into the ground, as improvements cannot be made later. .

Simple but ingenious!

The electric heat pump forms the heart of a circuit of pipes laid deep in the earth (thermal ground probe). A liquid heat-transfer medium (brine) is pumped underground, where it is warmed, and it then releases its heat above ground. Energy only has to be supplied for the operation of the compressor, in order to maintain circulation. So a small investment achieves a higher return.

The benefits of geothermal energy

- No costs for the construction of a heating and storage room. This saves space.
- No costs for a tank, the construction of a chimney or their regular maintenance.
- No costs for laying gas pipes.

The operating costs are relatively constant and thus predictable as the price of electricity is not subject to such extreme fluctuations as gas or oil. Operation is free of emissions and protects the environment.